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Dry beans grown organically by Coke Farms in San Juan Bautista. Currently offering: Gila River, Tigers Eye. 12 oz. bags.

From: Coke Farm

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These dried beans aren't only pretty but they are good for you! Organically grown by our friends the Cokes at Coke Farm in San Juan Bautista. Each bag weighs 12 oz.

We are offering the following varieties:

Gila River beans are a beautifully speckled variety. "The story I had read on this variety was that is was found at a native American site in a cave along the Gila river in the southwest. Seeds were found in a pottery jar sealed with pine sap. The site was dated at 1,500 years ago. The temperature and humidity level never fluctuated in all those years keeping the seed viable. Amazing if it's true. There was also a black and white bean just like it called Gila River". From

Tigers Eye beans, also known as pepa de zapalloa , are considered a heirloom variety and are originally from Chile or Argentina. They have a creamy potato-like texture when cooked and make a thick broth from the water they are simmered in. This bean cooks up to have a wonderfully rich flavor, smooth texture and very tender skins that almost disappear when cooked. This amber/gold colored bean will catch your eyes with its dark red stripes swirling along the side of it. The creamy texture and mild flavor of Tiger Eye Beans make them perfect for refried beans and pureed hearty soups. They are also excellent for cassoulet style dishes, chili and stew applications. They tend to fall apart when thoroughly cooked, due to their thin skins.

    All of our produce, fruit, herbs and flowers are certified organic by CCOF. We take great care in protecting and enriching the natural resources on the 65 acres of land that we farm. Our warehouse runs off of solar panels and our tractors and delivery trucks use biodiesel.

    Many of the people that work for Route 1 have been with us for years and that's something we pride ourselves on.

    Providing our customers with fresh, local and organic food that is grown with thought and care is what we are strive for.

Route 1 Farms is certified organic by CCOF.