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Ecologically managed and pasture raised chicken eggs from Pajaro Pastures in Soquel. Bring back your empty cartons even!

From: Pajaro Pastures

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From Pajaro Pastures:

Our Vision is to reconnect the seemingly distant paradigms of ecological stewardship and agricultural production. Through the re-integration of plants, animals, and soil, we are actively improving the ecology of our system while simultaneously producing high-quality food for our local community.

We utilize rotational grazing of egg-laying chickens and goats on 10 magnificent acres. This practice not only dramatically improves the ecological quality of the land, but, also it creates ideal conditions for the animals to be extremely happy and healthy.

Our ecological ranch is a diverse array of habitats. From sun-soaked meadows to shady creeks, this landscape is alive.

The pasture is primarily mixed annual grass with native perennial grasses, and herbs. A portion of the animals’ grazing area is mixed oak woodland.n the underbrush, the chickens sift through the decaying leaf matter finding oak moth larvae. The chickens grazing also control the local tick populations which aids in preventing the spread of Lyme disease.We continue to demonstrate that our rotational grazing strategies are improving the grassland not only in biological productivity but also promoting ecological diversity.I

Unlike the average “free-range” or/and “cage free” chicken “farm” which is pretty much a barn full of chickens, google it, its not a pretty sight. Our animal spends all day outside foraging and at night they snooze safely under careful watch from our livestock guardian dog. The grazing area(paddock) is about an acre. Every few weeks we move the mobile coops and the fence to a new fresh paddock.

Our animals diet consists of : -Certified Non-GMO,Soy-free,and Corn-free Chicken Feed -Certified Organic Vegetables -Non-Gmo Malted barley from local breweries. -Probiotic goodies from La Vie Juices and Farmhouse Culture

Our animals spend all day outside doing fun activities such as: yoga, suntanning, dust-bathing, exploring the wonderful world around them, hunting bugs, and of course napping. Imagine that! At night they perch safely inside their mobile coop. A solar-powered electric fence and “G”, the livestock guard dog, works day and night to keep animals safe.

We have four breeds of chickens: Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Golden Sex-links, and Black Sex-links.

The farm is located in Soquel on Old San Jose Rd.

    All of our produce, fruit, herbs and flowers are certified organic by CCOF. We take great care in protecting and enriching the natural resources on the 65 acres of land that we farm. Our warehouse runs off of solar panels and our tractors and delivery trucks use biodiesel.

    Many of the people that work for Route 1 have been with us for years and that's something we pride ourselves on.

    Providing our customers with fresh, local and organic food that is grown with thought and care is what we are strive for.

Route 1 Farms is certified organic by CCOF.