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Enjoy a seasonal assortment of the finest local and organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs grown in Santa Cruz County for nearly 30 years.

Weekly Vegetable Boxes (CSA)

2017 Summer CSA Share

The Summer CSA runs May 30th-December 5th (28 weeks). Prices will automatically be pro-rated if you start after May 30th. Pick up day is Tuesday from 3:00-5:30 pm (later at some pick up sites). Your box of freshly harvested organic vegetables, herbs and fruit each week.

Pantry Staples, Bulk Produce & Farm Dinners

Basil (from $20.00 )

12 or 24 bunches of Italian Basil.

Bread-Share or Loaf-Companion Bakeshop ($6.50 )

Hand shaped herb sourdough loaves baked daily in a four deck steam injection oven. All grains used are organic and all herbs used are organic and from Route 1 Farms. Sign up for weekly delivery and get a fresh loaf every week (bread share) or order individually.

From: Companion Bakeshop

Coffee-Organic-Whole Bean-12 oz. (from $14.00 )

Organic and shade grown coffee roasted by family owned Alta Organic Coffee &Tea Company of Santa Cruz. Also offering green beans for home roasters.

From: Alta Organic Coffee & Tea Company

Eggs-Dozen or Share-Pature Raised ($9.00 )

Ecologically managed and pasture raised chicken eggs from Pajaro Pastures in Soquel. Bring back your empty cartons even!

From: Pajaro Pastures

Honey-Santa Cruz Gold ($25.00 )

Santa Cruz Gold is 100% fine crystal, raw, local honey. The unfiltered honey has been foraged exclusively by Santa Cruz honey bees.

From: Santa Cruz Gold Honey

Jam-Gold Raspberry-10.7 oz. ($9.00 )

Route 1 Farms gold raspberry jam. Ingredients: Organic raspberries, organic sugar, organic Meyer lemon juice and non-GMO pectin. The raspberries and Meyer lemons are from Route 1 Farms.

Paprika-Spicy Ground ($4.50 )

Spicy paprika powder-1.5 oz. Made with organic Route 1 Farms paprika peppers.

Paprika-Spicy Whole ($2.50 )

Smoked whole spicy paprika peppers grown by Route 1 Farms. 1.55 oz.

Peppers: Mild, Medium & Spicy Varieties (from $7.00 )

Bulk order of various peppers. Right now we are offering Yellow Cayenne, Corno di Toro, fresh Paprika and Jalapenos.

Potatoes-10 lbs. ($15.00 )

10 lb. bag of current crop of potatoes. Right now we are offering Carola potatoes.

Rhubarb-10 lbs. ($25.00 )

Rhubarb...pies, crumbles and crisps, oh my!

Spearmint ($9.00 )

Spearmint-Fresh cut in 1 lb. bags.

Stinging Nettles ($10.00 )

Stinging Nettles-Fresh cut in 2 lb. bags.

Tomatoes (from $24.00 )

20 lb. case of Early Girl dry farmed tomatoes.

Tote Bag-Cotton Canvas (from $7.00 )

Cotton canvas tote bag for veggies, lunches or whatever else you may fancy. Ditch the plastic and go more sustainable. Art by local artist Dave Gardner.

Trucker Hats (from $15.00 )

Trucker hats with Route 1 Farms design by local artist Dave Gardner. Choose from Kelly green, black, royal blue or red.

Wheat-Rye Flour 2 lbs. ($6.75 )

Organic, local rye ground into flour.

From: Coke Farm

Winter Squash-Delicata ($15.00 )

10 lbs. of Delicata squash. It is nearly impossible to weigh out exactly 10 lbs. but we will do our best. You will receive about 8-12 squash.

Winter Squash-Red Kabocha ($15.00 )

10 lbs. of Red Kabocha squash. It is nearly impossible to weigh out exactly 10 lbs. but we will do our best. You will receive about 3-4 squash. Red Kabochas have a rich and sweet flavor similar to pumpkin or sweet potato.

Everyday Herb Salt-2.5 oz. ($10.50 )

Farmer Freed’s Everyday Herb Salt is the classic concoction that can be used in every day cooking. It's a blend of Kosher salt, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.