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Enjoy a seasonal assortment of the finest local and organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs grown in Santa Cruz County.


August 10, 2014-Farm Dinner @ Racho del Oso (from $85.00 )

Join us on August 10th for an evening in our fields and trees. Our guest chefs will be Heidi Schlecht and Amy Padilla of Feel Good Foods in Santa Cruz. The dinner will be held at our Rancho del Oso farm up at Waddell Creek (1/2 hour north of town).

Basil ($28.00 )

24 bunches of Italian basil.

Basil Leaves-Bagged 2 lbs. ($6.00 )

Basil Leaves-2 lb. bag Current crop: Italian and Lemon

Beets (from $15.00 )

10 or 25 lbs. bag of beets. We are currently offering red beets.

Blanca Grande-Hard White Spring Wheat-2 lbs. ($4.00 )

Hard white spring variety that is typically used in bread baking and is especially flavorful in sourdough breads. Stone Milled.

From: Coke Farm

Cardamom Pear Butter ($10.00 )

Cardamom Pear Butter made with Route 1 Farms pears. Santa Cruz based Pantry House makes jams and preserves in small batches using locally sourced ingredients.

From: Pantry House

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag (from $7.00 )

Cotton canvas tote bag for veggies, lunches or whatever else you may fancy. Ditch the plastic and go more sustainable. Art by local artist Dave Gardner.

Dahlia Bouquet ($6.00 )

A beautiful mix of various dahlia colors and varieties.

Dehydrated Dry Farm Tomatoes ($8.50 )

Dehydrated Dry Farm Tomatoes-1.76 oz.

Dried Beans-Locally grown ($4.00 )

Dried beans grown by local Coke Farms. 13 oz.

From: Coke Farm

Gold Raspberry Jam ($6.50 )

Route 1 Farms gold raspberry jam-8 oz.

Indian Jammu-Stone Milled Winter Wheat-2 lbs. ($4.00 )

Soft winter wheat that is great for crepes, pancakes, cookies, cakes, pastries, sauces and breakfast cereals. Also a great flavor addition to standard bread flour.

From: Coke Farm

Organic Coffee-Whole Bean ($12.00 )

Organic and shade grown coffee offered by family owned Alta Organic roasters in Davenport.

From: Alta Organic Coffee & Tea Company

Pepper Jam ($10.00 )

Pepper Jam made using sweet bell peppers from Route 1. Santa Cruz based Pantry House makes jams and preserves in small batches using locally sourced ingredients.

From: Pantry House

Potatoes-10 lbs. ($15.00 )

10 lb. bag of current crop of potatoes. Right now we are offering Austrian Crescent fingerlings.

Santa Cruz Gold Honey ($10.00 )

Santa Cruz Gold is 100% fine crystal, raw, local honey. The unfiltered honey has been foraged exclusively by Santa Cruz honey bees. Net weight is 13.5 oz.

From: Santa Cruz Gold Honey

Sonora-Soft Stone Milled Winter Wheat-2 lb.s ($4.00 )

Soft winter wheat variety which has typically been used for tortillas, pasta, sauces, gravies, biscuits, cakes and pastries.

From: Coke Farm

Summer Squash ($20.00 )

20 lbs. of summer squash-Zucchini & Gold Squash.

Sunflower bunches ($5.00 )

Six stems of sunny yellow double quick sunflowers.

Tomatoes (from $15.00 )

10 lb. case of dry farmed tomatoes-Yellow Taxi or Heirloom Mix

Trucker Hats (from $15.00 )

Trucker hats with Route 1 Farms design by local artist Dave Gardner.