Join our CSA!

Enjoy a seasonal assortment of the finest local and organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs grown in Santa Cruz County.


Beans-Dried-Locally grown-13 oz. ($4.00 )

Dried beans grown by local Coke Farms. 3 varieties offered. 13 oz. bags.

From: Coke Farm

Bell Peppers ($20.00 )

10 lb. case of mixed color bell peppers.

Bread-Share or Loaf-Companion Bakeshop ($6.50 )

Hand shaped herb sourdough loaves baked daily in a four deck steam injection oven. All grains used are organic and all herbs used are organic and from Route 1 Farms. Sign up for weekly delivery and get a fresh loaf every week (bread share) or order individually.

From: Companion Bakeshop

Coffee-Organic-Whole Bean-12 oz. (from $12.00 )

Organic and shade grown coffee roasted by family owned Alta Organic Coffee &Tea Company.

From: Alta Organic Coffee & Tea Company

Cornmeal-Red Floriani-12 oz. ($5.00 )

An Italian heirloom corn variety that is fine-milled. 12 oz.

From: Coke Farm

Dahlias ($8.00 )

A beautiful bouquet of bright and sunny dahlias.

Honey-Santa Cruz Gold-13.5 oz. ($10.00 )

Santa Cruz Gold is 100% fine crystal, raw, local honey. The unfiltered honey has been foraged exclusively by Santa Cruz honey bees. Net weight is 13.5 oz.

From: Santa Cruz Gold Honey

Jam-Gold Raspberry-8 oz. ($7.50 )

Route 1 Farms gold raspberry jam-8 oz.

Mustard-Whole Grain Beer-6 oz. ($7.00 )

Whole Grain Beer Mustard from Santa Cruz based Pantry House. They make jams, preserves and mustards in small batches using locally sourced ingredients.

From: Pantry House

Pepper Jam ($12.00 )

Pepper Jam made using sweet bell peppers from Route 1 Farms. A sweet & tangy jam, with a hint of spice. Each jar is 6 fl. oz.

From: Pantry House

Polenta-Red Floriani Flint-12 oz. ($5.00 )

An Italian heirloom corn variety that is course-milled. 12 oz.

From: Coke Farm

Potatoes-10 lbs. ($15.00 )

10 lb. bag of current crop of potatoes. Right now we are offering Yellow Finns.

Statice ($8.00 )

A versatile flower that can be used fresh or used in dried flower arrangements.

Surf Monkey Baby Onesies-Organic cotton ($20.00 )

Organic cotton iconic Surf Monkey brand baby onesie.

Tote Bag-Cotton Canvas (from $7.00 )

Cotton canvas tote bag for veggies, lunches or whatever else you may fancy. Ditch the plastic and go more sustainable. Art by local artist Dave Gardner.

Trucker Hats (from $15.00 )

Trucker hats with Route 1 Farms design by local artist Dave Gardner.

Wheat-Blanco Grande-Spring-Hard White 2 lbs. ($4.20 )

Hard winter variety that is typically used in bread baking and is especially flavorful in sourdough breads. Stone Milled.

From: Coke Farm

Wheat-Durum Semolina-2 lbs. ($4.20 )

Durum Wheat is a hard emmer wheat with a high protein content. It is typically used to make pasta, however it can be used to make dense baked goods. Stone Milled.

From: Coke Farm

Wheat-Indian Jammu-Stone Milled Winter-2 lbs. ($5.00 )

Soft winter wheat that is great for crepes, pancakes, cookies, cakes, pastries, sauces and breakfast cereals. Also a great flavor addition to standard bread flour.

From: Coke Farm

Wheat-Rye Flour 2 lbs. ($6.00 )

Organic, local rye ground into flour.

From: Coke Farm

Winter Squash-Delicata ($14.00 )

10 lbs. of Delicata squash. It is nearly impossible to weigh out exactly 10 lbs. but we will do our best. You will receive about 8-12 squash.

Winter Squash-Red Kabocha ($12.00 )

10 lbs. of Red Kabocha squash. It is nearly impossible to weigh out exactly 10 lbs. but we will do our best. You will receive about 3-4 squash. Red Kabochas have a rich and sweet flavor similar to pumpkin or sweet potato.