Coffee-Organic-Whole Bean-12 oz.

Store Coffee & Teas Coffee-Organic-Whole Bean-12 oz.

Organic and shade grown coffee roasted by family owned Alta Organic Coffee Warehouse & Roasting Co. in Santa Cruz. Also offering green beans for home roasters.

From: Alta Organic Coffee Warehouse & Roasting Co.

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We have partnered with a local family run coffee roasting company right down the street from us on the Westside. Alta Organic Coffee Warehouse & Roasting Co.share a lot of the same growing beliefs that we do and their coffee is GREAT! Just recently, they made the switch to compostable coffee bags! Just remove the tin folding tie and put the bag in your compost pile!

We will offer their seasonal whole bean coffee in 12 oz. bags. Please check in often to see what the current crops are.

Currently we are offering:

Bali Blue Moon: This coffee is rich and full-bodied, with a distinct taste of bitter sweet chocolate and spice. It is grown at altitudes over 3,200 feet in the Kintamani Highlands, under the shade of orange and tangerine trees. A true cup of gold. Medium Roast

Brazilian: This coffee has an exceptionally full and creamy body, with a sweet lingering aftertaste that hints of chocolate and spice. Medium Roast

Cafe Noir Blend: Dark roasted coffees from Indonesia, Central and South America make for an extra sweet cup with hints of caramel and cocoa. Dark Roast

Costa Rican La Amistad: This high grown and sustainably farmed coffee drives its excellence from rich volcanic soils. A classically complete coffee, sweetly smooth, rich and aromatic. Medium Roast

Davenport Blend: Coffees from Indonesia, Central and South America all come together to produce a dramatic blend. Very aromatic, full-bodied, sweet and spicy. Medium/Dark Roast

Decaf Ethiopian: Arabica coffee is native to Ethiopia and to where all the coffees of the world can trace their ancestry. This bean has an exotic flavor and an unusually complex, smooth and creamy

Espresso Blend: A blend of Indonesian and African coffees that produces a luscious bittersweet cup, low in acidity, with a full body and deep rich aroma. Dark and Medium/Dark Roast

Ethiopian Yirgachef (Washed): Arabica coffee is native to Ethiopia and to where all the coffees of the world can trace their ancestry. This bean has an exotic flavor and an unusually complex, smooth and creamy taste with a chocolate aftertaste. Medium Roast

Ethiopian (Natural Process): Notes of strawberry, licorice and fig. Medium Roast

Guatemalan Atitlan: This coffee has a distinctive nutty flavor and exquisite aroma. Clean, bright and spicy makes it unforgettable. Medium Roast

Holiday Blend: A rich blend of medium & dark roast coffees from high mountains of the Americas. The perfect cup for the holidays!

Mexican Oaxaca: This coffee is delicate in body with a hint of roasted hazelnuts. It brews up a fragrant and sweetly satisfying cup. Dark Roast

Peruvian: A rare cup of coffee, complex and full-bodied, with a well-rounded flavor and deep rich aroma. A coffee lover’s delight! Dark Roast

Slow Coast Blend: Central American and Indonesian coffees are combined to produce a perfect full-bodied blend rich in flavor and aroma. Medium/Dark Roast

Sumatran: Grown on the slopes of Gayo Mountain, this is an Indonesian classic, known for its richness and unusually full body. This coffee has an exotic flavor due in part to being planted with tea, clove and sugar cane. Dark Roast Wild Women Blend: A wildly delicious blend of African and Central American coffees. There's no taming this brew. Medium/Dark Roast

    All of our produce, fruit, herbs and flowers are certified organic by CCOF. We take great care in protecting and enriching the natural resources on the 50 acres of land that we farm. Our warehouse runs off of solar panels and our tractors and delivery trucks use biodiesel.

    Many of the people that work for Route 1 have been with us for years and that's something we pride ourselves on.

    Providing our customers with fresh, local and organic food that is grown with thought and care is what we are strive for.

Route 1 Farms is certified organic by CCOF.