Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between the community and a farmer. The community member invests in the farm at the beginning of the season and in return the farm repays the investment with produce throughout the length of that season. It's a means for the farm to raise start up capital after the lean winter months and for the community to become connected to the food they eat, the land it's grown on, and to keep their money in the local economy.

How big is a box?

We offer two share sizes: family size (10-12 unique items/week) and an individual share (8-10 unique items/week). Boxes are delivered weekly for the length of the season.

What is the cost?

A family share is $750 for the summer and $350 for the winter ($25/week) and an individual share is $420 for the summer and $210 for the winter ($15/week). For the summer season, you can pay in full or in two installments.  For the winter season, payment is due in full at the time of sign up. For both seasons, you can sign up any time and the price will automatically be prorated for the weeks remaining.

What if I missed the start date of the CSA?

While we encourage you to sign up before the season begins, we also take on new shareholders once the season has started.  The cost will be automatically prorated for the remaining weeks based on the prices noted above.

How long is the CSA season?

Our summer CSA is 28 weeks and our winter CSA is 14 weeks.

What if I go on vacation or can't pick up my box?

We ask that you find someone to pick up your share in your place or let us know you won't be able to make it and we will donate your share.  Unfortunately, we can't credit you for any missed boxes.

What if I want to cancel my share before the season ends?

Please see our Store Policy page.

Where else can I find your produce?

Farmer's markets: Wednesday-Downtown, Saturday-Westside, Cabrillo and Scotts Valley.

Stores: All the New Leaf Stores, Aptos Natural Foods, Staff of Life, Shopper's Corner, Food Bin

Restaurants:  La Posta, Dharma's, Gabriella Cafe, Cafe Delmarette, Conscious Creations, Malabar, Ristorante Avanti, The Penny Ice Creamery, The Picnic Basket, Oswald's.